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Live To Fight Another Day~ XENA

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**Too much is Never enough**
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-Hi Hi, sweet friends <3
- I am Vykie aka. Vykie4XENAresLove4ev from Blingee, loved hanging out there. Created 5547 blingees as of Jan 12th, 2021 & been a Member since: Dec 29th, 2007. (still kinda hoping it continues..)



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Dear Dalia~ Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday!!
Winter Chirp~
XENA~ Warrior Princess
XENA/ARES Forever~
Squirrels' Enchanted Forest~
Good Evening!!~
Gothic Cemetery~
Kiss Me & You're Golden~ XENA/ARES
Spring Scene~ for potutori
Pokemons~ for HannahJulySlytherin
BirdWatch~ for Anime_World
Gothic Dark Angel~ for bylar2
Mariah Carey~ for Kaz_Creations
Gothic Vision at the Cemetery~
I Demand Loyalty~ XENA/Fight Like Hell
Live To Fight Another Day~ XENA
P.S. I Love You~ XENA/ARES
Dancing On Ice~
C'mon 2021 !! I Just Wanna Dance Again~
Keep Dancing & Stay Safe !!~
Winter Child~
Bee My Honey~
Fortune Favors The Bold~
Valentine's Day~
Fashion Direction~
Rainbow Manga~2
Rainbow Manga~
Precious~ XENA/ARES
Happy Anniversary Dalia~
Make My Life Complete~ XENA/ARES
Make A Move On Me~ Lucy Liu
Lucy Lawless~

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Beautiful Day-Cat in carnation field gif
· de 12 februari 2021
Hi Vykie! Glad to have found you! I'm BBB338 from Blinge!! >:D< 🌹
Poppy Field
· de 12 februari 2021
Thank you very much for the gift ;;) ;;) ;;) ;;) ;;) ;;)
Kaz_Creations 03/01/2022
· de 11 februari 2021
Thankyou x
Kaz_Creations 03/01/2022
· de 10 februari 2021
♥💘Thankyou For Your Votes/Comments💘Have a Nice Day Love Kaz💘♥
· de 14 augustus 2015
Hi Vykie! So glad you found me.. have added you! Muahhh!