I'm a 24 year old autistic girl.
I love to create things.
Sometimes I miss social cues.
I feel things intensely and might need a bit of patience.
I love picmix :3
My favourite celebs are Gregg Sulkin and William Moseley ♥
I am way into Disney, cartoons and gaming :3
I love aesthetic stuffs too

Sometimes I might need help with stuff that seems simple so sorry if I ask many annoying questions! Also tell me if that's the case! Thank you! :3

06/04/2021 02:44

PicMix (633)

♪♫♪Aesthetic Kuromi♪♫♪
[♥]Rainbow Pride Pikachu[♥]
♥♪Lovely and Pretty Hello Kitty♪♥
♥Teal Anime♥
♪Beach Wedding Do♪
{♥♥♥}Red Retro Doll{♥♥♥}
♦Summer Citrus♦
Snow White with Long Hair {Banner}
{♥}Just Keep Smiling - The Cleaning Lady{♥}
[♪]Blue Teddy Bear[♪]
{♥}Baby George{♥}
#♦#Snow White in Real Life#♦#
♪♫Dear Daniel - Nighttime Ukulele♫♪
♫♪Surfin' USA with Dear Daniel♪♫
♪♫Hula Kitty♫♪
♪Hello Kitty in a Little Plane♪
{♪}Hello Kitty as a Chicken{♪}
{♪}The Wonders of the Wonderful Wonderland{♪}
{♪}Kiki the Cat in Green & Red Accents{♪}
[♫]Shadow in Radical City[♫]
(♫♪♫)My Little Pony - 80s Aesthetic(♫♪♫)
(♥)Spinel - Happy Pride Month(♥)
{♥}Steven Presents to you a Red Rose{♥}
{♥}Froggy Friends - Lily & Sunny{♥}
{♥}William Moseley - Little Twin Star Kiki Theme{♥}
♪♥♪Summer with Bratz Cloe & Cameron♪♥♪
[♥♥♥]Lapidot - Love is unstoppable[♥♥♥]
{♥}A Sleeping Pebbles{♥}
{♪}To the Moon{♪}
Umbreon Banner
{(Night Fox)}
{{{♥}}}King William Moseley{{{♥}}}
{[♥]}Bi Pride Maisy Mouse{[♥]}
{({Watermelon Mania!!})}
[♥]And his name is Princess Strawberry![♥]

Stickers (1 480)

Purple Aesthetic BackgroundPink/Purple Animated BackgroundBlack Animated BackgroundSmall Pink FrameRainbow Pikachu BackgroundRainbow Pikachu BackgroundSmall Rainbow FrameRainbow Pikachu BackgroundHello Kitty BackgroundHello Kitty BackgroundSmall Pink FrameBlue Sakura BackgroundSmall Blue FrameBeach AltarSmall Blue FrameSmall Red Frame

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Angel watch over you
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:x Happy weekend.. Hannah..:x
Thank you so much for visiting+
rating,vote and comment
:x make your day+have a good time
+peace&friendship+HUGS >:D<
Kaz_Creations 03/05/2021
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┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ❤ Love ♥ 
┊ ┊ ┊ ♡
┊ ┊ ❤ Hugs ♥
┊ ♡
❤ Kisses ♥❤️Love Kaz ❤️
Happy Tuesday..Thankyou For Votes/Comments
· er 4 dagen
Thank you, have an amazing week. @};- @};- @};-
Elizabeth Midford
· er 7 dagen
Hello! I wanna apologize for not being that active lately. I know I haven't rated/comment your creations in a while, but I've been super busy in my personal life. I've been having thousands of homeworks for college plus a lot of exams and projects. I also had very hard times lately and my depression is not helping me. I barely keep myself in one piece.
Please be understanding with me and don't unfriend me till I clear my schedule and I'll be active once again, recovering the rates/comments I missed at your creations.
Thank you for listening! Have a nice day!
Angel watch over you
· er 10 dagen
:x Happy Tuesday..Hannah.. >:D<
:x Thanks for all >:D<
:x have a good time >:D<
:x Peace & Friendship >:D<
>:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D<
Poppy Field
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Beautiful ♥
█▓Ɔ @};- @};- @};- @};- @};-
Angel watch over you
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🏜Have a Happy June..Hannah.🏜🏜
🏜Thanks for all🏜🏜
🏜Have a good time🏜🏜
🏜Friendship + Take care🏜🏜
Fühl Dich wohl
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✻ღ ♪♫ Schönes Wochenende ♪♫ ღ✻
Happy Pride Month 2021
· er 15 dagen
thank you for the lovely comments <3 happy pride month!
Angel watch over you
· er 27 dagen
▩Happy Saturday Hannah▩
▩ Thanks for all▩
▩have a good time▩
▩take care>HUGS▩

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